Halloween Craft


A Unique and Simple Halloween Decoration Idea

It is that time of year again where the little kid in all of us loves to dress up like our favorite superhero or goblin.  Trekking to the local costume store is always fun to try and find the ultimate costume to wear at a friend’s party.  For some reason, however, those costumes always seem to look better on other people.

Picture of Halloween craft using windshield washer fluid bottlesDriving through any neighborhood, you will see one or two houses that go “all out” decorating for Halloween.  One can only assume that they want to create their own scary version of the house from the Munster’s or the Adams Family.

I was wondering if there was a way to create a unique and inexpensive Halloween decoration that might last longer than the pumpkin on the front porch that neighbor kids like to roll down the street.  Is there some kind of decoration that will not be eaten by a squirrel or chipmunk?   My research took me to Disney Family Fun Magazine.  Here, there were some arts and crafts ideas that could be made at a very low cost.  Now that I got my brain motivated, I was thinking about how these ideas could be adapted using AUSTIN’S plastic bottles.

The article utilized old but clean milk gallon jugs.  I substituted our used but clean gallon bottles from AUSTIN’S Windshield Washer Fluid. Cutting a hole in each side of the bottles, I was able to thread a string of orange lights through several bottles (the number of bottles used may depend upon the number of lights on the string).  Three lights were left in each bottle.  I bought scary facial features at a local dollar store.  I poked holes in the bottle and stuck the facial features into the bottle using the help of glue to keep the pieces in place.  You can also use permanent markers to draw facial features or cut them out of felt.  Both will work just fine.  If you plan to use the jugs outside, fill them with sand to hold them down.  Once you plug in the lights, you can begin to amaze your friends and neighbors with your creativity.  Picture of Halloween craft using windshield washer fluid bottles

Try this in a display if you are selling AUSTIN’S Windshield Washer Fluid or place an order today!

Happy Halloween from Austin’s

Doug Austin

Vice President of Marketing (and holiday decorating… NOT!)