Swimming Pool and Spa Season

It’s swimming pool and spa season once again.  The time has come to get your pool and spa in shape for those family parties, barbeques, and relaxing from the hot summer sun.  Before you take your floating chair out of the garage, you will need to get your pool and spa water in tip-top shape.


It is very important that you make sure the chlorine levels are where they should be.  Monitoring these levels is essential.  Chlorine is used to kill bacteria and other organic contaminants.  When applied, chlorine reacts to those unhealthy organisms.  Unfortunately, the chlorine level diminishes as it works.  If the level gets too low, pool shock is used to boost the chlorine level quickly.

Spring pool and spa opening is the optimum time for using shock.  This is when the bacteria lives at peak levels in the water.  Chlorine levels in the water are low due to inactive pool and spa care during the winter.  “Shocking” the pool and spa water with high levels of chlorine found in AUSTIN’S POOL TECH SHOCK will help kill the existing bacteria and other contaminants.  By allowing AUSTIN’S POOL TECH SHOCK to work, you will be ensured of healthy and appealing pool and spa water.  Keep in mind that because AUSTIN’S POOL TECH SHOCK is a high concentrate of chlorine, you will not want to use the pool and spa for several hours.  When the family is done swimming for the day, apply AUSTIN’S POOL TECH SHOCK overnight letting it disinfect your pool and spa while you sleep.

  • Ideal for a quick injection of chlorine when immediate action is needed; and
  • Added directly to your swimming pool or spa at night when swimming is finished for the day.


Water chemistry is essential in having a healthy swimming pool and spa.  Lack of water circulation or improper levels of pool chemicals can lead to problems.  A swimming pool or spa is a breeding ground for unwanted bacteria such as algae.  Algae travels in the form of spores carried by the wind and by your pool and spa bathers.  Unchecked, algae can cause problems playing havoc with your filter and pool or spa appearance.  AUSTIN’S POOL TECH ALGAECIDE is a key component in keeping your pool or spa free of algae.  AUSTIN’S POOL TECH ALGAECIDE can be used when you either see algae growth or as a preventative measure.  Using AUSTIN’’S POOL TECH ALGAECIDE will keep your water healthy and crystal clear.

Both AUSTIN’S POOL TECH SHOCK and AUSTIN’S POOL TECH ALGAECIDE are an economical way for you to keep your swimming pool and spa safe, healthy, and enjoyable throughout this summer’s hot swimming season.

Doug Austin VP of Marketing James Austin CompanyHave a fun and safe summer!

J. Douglas Austin


Vice President of Marketing