Meet Austin’s

A History of Innovation

James Austin, Founder of the James Austin Company"The Original" Sponge Carpet CleanerIn the late 19th century, James Austin, at the request of his wife Mollie, began to work on a more effective way to clean carpets in their Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania home.

The original formula, brewed on the kitchen stove, was such a success that friends and neighbors wanted the product as well. That was the start of what has become the James Austin Company.

In the 1930’s, Harry Austin employed a chemist to establish a sodium hypochlorite “Bleach” manufacturing line that produced Austin’s Washing Solution…now known as Austin’s A-1 Bleach.

Austin's A-1 Bleach Glass BottleAustin's A-1 Bleach Plastic Historic BottleAustin’s was one of the first bleach manufacturers to discard the thick bulky glass bottles and replace them with safer more portable and lightweight plastic containers in 1964.

Product line expansion grew in order to service the retail and consumer, food service, automotive and swimming pool maintenance industries.

In 1970, Austin’s was the nation’s pioneer in introducing the four-day work week, inspiring great loyalty and pride in Austin’s employees, who in turn, strive to consistently create the best products on the market.

After 130 years as a fourth generation family company, Austin’s became part of KIK Custom Products, America’s largest bleach supplier.

The James Austin Company continued philosophy – “Produce quality products for customers and they will keep coming back.”