Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving on photo with leavesIt is that time of year again when we hit the pause button in our lives and reflect on what the past year has meant to each of us.  It is the opportunity to review the positives and the negatives.  This is the calm before the storm; the beginning of the busiest time of the year, professionally and personally.  Year end numbers and inventory issues make the Holidays tense, not to mention shopping for your family and friends.  Fighting the mall dwellers and the fanatic drivers lost in another world as they attempt to navigate their way home is a daily chore.  We can take pause and contemplate our lives.  We can be thankful in our hearts for all the blessings bestowed upon each and everyone one of us.

We at Austin’s are thankful for each and every customer that believes in our products.  These great folks are near and dear to our hearts.  We are truly thankful to all that have worked with us to make this year joyous and enjoyable.  We have made new friends, and are proud that we have strengthened many old relationships.  For those many opportunities still out there, we are grateful that we have the ability to demonstrate our capabilities as being a great partner in the business world.

So, before we get lost in this hectic time of year, Austin’s would like to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving Day saying thank you for all of you just being you.

Doug Austin
VP of Marketing