Download Sales Sheets

Download product specs directly from

Did you know that you can download a PDF of product information from our website? Each product page in Products for Retail Sale, Food Service, Automotive and Pool Maintenance product sections has detailed specifications on the web page. To capture and keep that information, just click the “Download Sales Sheet” button. The website will download a PDF of the product information including case and pallet specifications. It’s a great way to capture and file products to discuss with your James Austin Company sales rep. Or to share with other’s in your organization.

Image shows website buttons for Packaging information (Click to open packaging information); Download sales sheet (Click to download product information; Ask a question about this item (Click to ask a question)

If you still have a question about the product, contact your James Austin Company rep or simply click “Ask Us a Question about this Item” to create a form with the product choice pre-loaded. Just fill out the form and send to get the information you need. Or, you can continue to review the website and add more product items into your information request form. When you’re ready, just click “Submit” and we’ll get back to you with more information on your product inquiry.

Thank you for being a James Austin Company customer and let us know how we can help you succeed in your business.

Doug Austin
VP of Marketing