Laundry Tips for Students

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Once again, it is that time of year when the kids go back to school.  Many of you have students going to college and traveling away from home for the first time.  As a child, this is a trying time, cutting ties with parents and experiencing independence for the first time.  Several common experiences taken for granted may become challenging and upsetting for these newly independent young adults.  One is doing laundry without the aid of a parent carefully guiding the person through the many steps of washing clothes successfully.  We at AUSTIN’S would like to provide the following simple yet necessary steps in “Laundry 101”.

  1. Be careful to fully read the labels of the clothing.  Labels contain important information.  Water temperature, type of washing cycle, bleach usage, dryer speed/temperature and ironing needs are usually provided.  Following these instructions are essential in preventing laundry mishaps and surprises.
  2. Separate any new colorful garments from old garments.  New garments tend to contain dyes from the manufacturing process which need to be removed through washing.  Failing to do this could cause the dyes to “bleed” into other garments.  All of us at one time have experienced removing our clothes from the machine to find a new pink shirt that we did not have earlier.   Washing these new items separately from other similar clothes will prevent any unexpected mishaps.  And don’t worry, usually one washing will allow you to include these garments with the other clothes in future washings.  Separation anxiety for these clothes is fleeting!
  3. In connection with Step #2 above, separate clothes by their color.  White clothing goes in one pile, dark colored clothes in a separate pile.
  4. Put similar colored clothes in the washing machine.  Do not crowd the load.  Make enough room for the clothes to “swim” in the water.  This prevents the detergent from getting trapped within the folds of the clothes.
  5. Once the clothes are in the machine, put AUSTIN’S 101 Laundry Detergent and AUSTIN’S Big Valu Fabric Softener in the machine.  The detergent can be put on top of the clothes.  The fabric softener goes into the machine’s compartment specifically for fabric softener.  Be sure to read the instructions on the bottle to properly pour in the amount set forth by AUSTIN’S.  Remember, a full cap load is not always required.  More does not always mean better.
  6. If you need to use AUSTIN’S A-1 Bleach, now would be the time to put the required amount in that part of the machine designated as the bleach reservoir.  Read the label on AUSTIN’S A-1 Bleach to see how much bleach you need to use.
  7. Turn the machine on.  At this point, the student can do homework like studying history or psychology.  Let the machine do its job.
  8. Once the cycle is over, put your clothes in the dryer and turn it on.  If you don’t want wrinkles, it would be wise to take the clothes out of the dryer while they are a tad damp.  You can then hang these garments on hangers (preferably made of wood) until dry.


  • If you have some nasty stains on your clothes, you may want to rub some AUSTIN’s Laundry Detergent on the stain.  You can also treat the stain with a laundry additive commonly found in the laundry aisle of the grocery store.
  • By a chemical process, AUSTIN’S A-1 Bleach converts dirt into particles that are washed away by AUSTIN’S Laundry Detergent.  This is how AUSTIN’S A-1 Bleach makes white clothing so white and clean.
  • AUSTIN’S A-1 Bleach is also a disinfectant and a sanitizer.  The same chemical process that whitens also kills bacteria that might be trapped or living in clothing.  Keep in mind that any product that claims to be a disinfectant and/or sanitizer must meet stringent Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements.  AUSTIN’S A-1 Bleach meets these requirements and is registered with the EPA.

Your kids are now ready to tackle their weekly laundry chores.  Providing some parental instructions prior to the first day of school will hopefully eliminate those big loads of laundry making their way home to you at Thanksgiving!  AUSTIN’S is proud to be your ally in battling your kids’ laundry needs.