Bleach Research Study

Austin’s Sponsors Bleach Use Research Study with Geneva College

Two quantitative research projects were undertaken for the James Austin Company as an assignment for a Market Research class at Geneva College in Pennsylvania. The first of the two projects compared receptivity to national branded vs. private branded laundry products sold at retail outlets.  The second addressed bleach familiarity and its future potential usage in laundry vs. other applications.  Two hundred respondents were randomly selected and interviewed east of the Mississippi River, all laundry product users between the ages of 30 and 40 years old.

Austin's sponsored a study of the use of bleach and perceptions about bleach.Over the next 3-4 issues of this e-newsletter, we will share the results of what we learned.  Be prepared for some surprises.  In our next issue we will summarize the findings in the study of nationally branded vs. private branded laundry products, then in subsequent issues we will follow the findings about bleach usage in general.  What we learned from both studies about the health of the bleach category are worth sharing with our readers.


Study Methodology

The Market Research class teacher designed these projects for Seniors to get actual hands on experience working for a company, in addition to text studying, guest lectures and class discussion.  Two teams of 6 students were responsible for meeting with Austin executives to set the direction of their study, then writing their research questionnaire in a way to measure the factors targeted, conducting the research through a contracted electronic provider, tabulating the results, writing their final report including major findings, and professionally presenting the report to the executives of Austin’s.   This class is part of the value proposition that Geneva College offers its students.  One student commented that “This project was the best learning experience that I could have imagined.  The Marketing discipline became alive.”