April Newsletter Note from Doug Austin

Doug Austin on Let's Talk!AUSTIN’s is committed to helping consumers learn about the products they use to clean their homes and laundry. In doing so, AUSTIN’s is always taking steps to understand the ever changing needs of its customers. For example, Geneva College in conjunction with AUSTIN’s, conducted a study to investigate many consumer issues, including but not limited to how bleach usage is trending in the differing demographics of the country. In a series of articles found exclusively in future issues of its e-newsletter, AUSTIN’s will provide interesting facts about what was learned. Some results may be surprising while others serve to confirm several known facts. Read more about the study here.

AUSTIN’s has always prided itself in being accessible to consumers. Recently, Vice president of Marketing, Doug Austin, appeared on a local radio talk show to discuss how AUSTIN products relate to the ever changing retail demands of shoppers.


In another activity, children were invited to participate in a coloring campaign, which introduced them to AUSTIN’s new mascot, “Austin.” The response was overwhelming. AUSTIN’s is happy to be a part of the community and a strong partner with its customers.


Thank you,

J. Douglas Austin
Vice President of Marketing