Wipe Away Degreaser (Orange Power)

Specially Designed To Ease The Work Of Cleaning And Removing Grease In Household and Institutional Applications

  • Product Can Be Used As A Multi-Surface Cleaner for Floors, Walls, Hoods, Vent Filters, Equipment And Backsplashes
  • Normal Usage is 10 Ounces per Gallon of Water

Orange Degreaser is formulated With D-Limonene Which Is Found Naturally In Citrus Products to Boost the Solvent Power of the Degreaser

Pack Size: 4-128 OZ
Item No: 90001380
Unit UPC No: 0-54200-00138-1
Case UPC No: 100-54200-00138-8
View product Safety Data Sheet(s): Austins-Wipe-Away-Orange-Degreaser.pdf
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